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Why Hire A Matchmaker?

With so many dating websites, venues, and offers available, you would think it would be easy for busy professionals to find a date. All you have to do is select “educated”, “professional”, “honest” and you are good to go, right?

Wrong!  Finding a quality individual in the real world is almost impossible with conventional methods. Most of them are taken and between your job and career, there is hardly enough time for you to tag along on a bar-hopping spree hoping to meet someone special. Here are other reasons these methods almost never work:

Online Dating – Happily Never After

High – Online dating offers individuals a more streamlined and selective approach to dating. The shared cost model also ensures that the services rendered are inexpensive. A busy individual can scroll through thousands of profiles and make selections at his/her convenience.

Low – As mentioned, online dating can be a convenient prospect for a busy individual but that is hardly ever the case. The convenience is a double edged sword since it allows certain individuals to take advantage of the anonymity offered by such websites and create profiles that are based on personality traits that they just do not possess.

Networking and Social events

High – A great way for the busy professional to meet like-minded individuals working in the same industries and with the same interests. Networking works the same way as do social events.

Low – A professional setting means that prospects will rarely let their guard down especially if they think that they are being flirted with. Since such events are organized for groups of people it becomes difficult to isolate a person for a personal chat. You will also be expected to act in a professional manner and such antics may be frowned upon. The presence of alcohol in social events can also impair judgment.


Outings with friends and Family

High- Since your family and friends know you best, it’s easier for you to connect with someone in this circle. Clearly, this particular approach has a higher success rate than most.

Low– Most professionals never return home after college or move away after starting a career.  A busy professional doesn’t always have time to drive miles back home.  For some reason, most successful individuals tend to limit the time they spend with friends and family outside social functions.  Limited time with your peers or family members lessens your chances of having success with this method.