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How It Works


We are serious about finding that special someone for you faster than you can with your busy schedule. Tell us what your expectations and goals are and will get to work right away.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you to discuss our services and your dating goals.  If we feel you are a good fit for our matchmaking membership (this service is not suitable for everyone) we will then have you fill out our online questionnaire and schedule an in-person interview to further discuss your dating expectations. The initial interview usually lasts about an hour. Our goal is to forge a relationship with our clients first. The scheduled interview will help us better understand you and what you wish to accomplish. After we have met with you in person we will decide together what package best suits your needs. You can also choose to join our database as a free or premium member.


After our initial introduction, we will contact you once we have successfully screened and found a qualified match for you. During the discussion we will explain why we feel our chosen person is right for you. We will only move forward with an introduction with your say so. We can also arrange the date on your behalf if you prefer.

 Tell us what you Think

Relationship Realtors values your feedback. Tell us what your experience was like on your first date so we can personalize and refine our search to better meet your needs. Who knows, we may provide you the insight needed to become a better dater in the future. We’re certain this will improve your chances of meeting a professional or commitment minded individual. This will also allow us to tell our clients how their dates might perceive their personalities traits and provide them advice on polishing their social skills. As you can see, our methods provide more than what a traditional dating website offers.