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Unlike online dating websites, we do not rely solely on personality tests. Our approach is a personal one.

The passion to make it easier for like-minded and normally busy singles to find each other is what we strives for.

After spending years in the single market struggling to meet “the one” we discovered just how challenging dating can be. In the USA about 50% of all single adults have not had a date in more than 24 months. The other 50% of adult singles don’t have an issue with the “quantity” of dates but the “quality” of the dates.




When it comes to meeting “the one” there is so much more involved than just their appearance. There is nothing like the feeling of going on a date and thinking you have a keeper and then the Deal Breaker” is revealed and you realize you are going right back to the drawing board.




There are plenty of options to meet new people which includes Online Dating, Friends, Nightclubs/Bars, Networking Events, Community groups, etc. Like many of you I’ve tried them all and have been unsuccessful. While all of these options are solid there are reasons why there are so many single professionals still available. I founded this company to give busy professional singles another option that will increase your chances of meeting someone special without spending neither your time nor energy.




Relationship Realtors takes the wondering and the worrying out of dating. We will do all the hard work for you. We will be your personal dating head hunter. We truly value your time. Most busy professionals don’t have the time, energy, or the patients to do the things mentioned above. Big companies hire recruiters to find their dream employees, homeowners hire realtors to find their dream home, why not hire us to find your dream mate.