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Relationship Realtors, LLC was established in 2013. After years spent studying the singles market we realized how difficult it is for single professionals looking for committed relationships in the bay area. Access to other like-minded professionals is often limited which can make dating a challenge. Searching on one’s own can become quite frustrating.

The passion to make it easier for normally busy singles to find each other is what Relationship Realtors strives for. Our goal is to create a bridge to connect good people and eliminate the hopeless feeling of never finding someone special. A recent study show almost 50% of americans are single. 50% of all singles in the US have not had a date in more than 24 months. For some singles finding a date is not the issue, it’s the quality of dates that seem to be the problem.

A Keeper or a Deal Breaker

We know that there is a lot more than appearances that are involved in helping a professional single meet a like-minded individual who seems like he/she will be a keeper. Meeting a person who seems that they will be a keeper can be an exciting prospect. However situations such as these rarely end well especially when they find out that the person they met on an online dating website or in a bar is anything but what they anticipated. In other words first dates usually end them up with “deal breakers” rather than keepers.



Busy professionals rarely have the time and patience to frequent popular social venues such as nightclubs, bars, or community groups to find compatible individuals. Many single professionals have tried but have been unsuccessful which is why the enormous amount of singles does not come as a surprise. This is what Relationship Realtors strives to achieve; to take unnecessary worrying out of dating. The matchmaking service does your legwork for you and strives to provide you with a suitable match. The company was created to provide such individuals another option to meet someone special without wasting their valuable time.