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There is no cost associated with signing up to show you are available. With this option, you are not a member so you’re only considered for introductions if no MEMBER fits the criteria for the match.  All you have to do is fill out a simple online form and provide a photo of yourself.


As a member, we do not actively search for you but you will always be considered FIRST for introductions. This can extremely increase your chances of meeting someone special. Of course, this is based on the needs of the client so introductions are not guaranteed. Some members will have the opportunity to be featured which will also increase their chances of meeting someone special.  Membership comes with many other perks so it’s a great option for the person who is a little more serious but not quite ready for the Online Matchmaking or Personal Matchmaking Membership.

Online Matchmaking

Online Matchmaking is where we actively search for your match. Our relationship agents will search through our database, social media, and other online resources to help find a match for you. Once you signup and fill out our questionnaire you will be assigned a relationship agent who will review your profile then begin searching for your matches. Once we find a suitable match based on the info you’ve provided we will contact you to set up the introduction. You can continue to follow your normal routine while our relationship agent does all the searching for you.

Looking through thousands of online profiles can be very time-consuming and draining. Your agent is available to answer your questions and guide you through the process so you’re not just relying on a computer. Although this is not personal Matchmaking it will give you a peek into the matchmaker experience. This is a great option for the person on the go who’s actively looking to meet someone special but is not quite ready to invest in Personal Matchmaking.

Personal Matchmaking

The Matchmaking Membership is for the person who is 100% ready to find someone special. With this option, you will work closely with a professional Matchmaker to find your match. The Matchmaker will take the time to get to know everything about you and find out what you’re looking for so they will have all the tools needed to help find your match. When working with a professional Matchmaker, we will meet with all your matches before we introduce you so we don’t waste your time with unqualified candidates. We do background checks and much more to confirm their identity and decrease the chance of them not being the person they say they are. This will all be done without slowing down your normal routine. Your privacy is also very important to us so you can rest assured that the only way anyone will know you’re dating is if they hear it from you. This option comes with access to coaching if needed as well. This is the best option for someone who is serious about finding their match. For a consultation with a professional matchmaker click here and fill out the form or call 800-746-8339.