How do you find the candidates that are to be introduced?

Our searches are carried out by advertising, social media, attending networking events, performing online research, organizations, approaching people at social events, shopping centers, and restaurants to look for people who we think might be a good match for you. Helping you find a professional and like-minded individual for you is not a numbers game for us. We have no qualms about turning down a person if we detect any red flags.

Is my information secure?

We take the privacy of our clients very seriously and will never send your personal info to third parties or share with anyone without your consent. All of our interactions are held in the strictest of confidence.

Are background checks performed?

Yes, background checks are only performed for our matchmaking clients. Your safety is our priority.

How many dates do I have to go on until I find “the one”?

This really depends on the client. You may find yourself dating often depending on your preferences, marketability and expectations. We put more emphasis on quality rather than quantity when it comes to matching you with a prospect.

Why would someone choose to hire a matchmaker?

There are many reasons as to why someone would hire a matchmaker but here are a few:

1. You don’t want to post your information or photo online for privacy reasons.

2. You feel you’ve met all the single people in your basic network.

3. Between your busy career and family, it’s hard to spend time searching for dates.

4. You continuously find yourself choosing the wrong type of mate.

5. You’ve exhausted all the typical avenues—blind dates, the bar scene, internet dating, etc.

6. You are a somewhat shy person; flirting and approaching a person of the opposite sex is not your thing.

All of these reasons will make our service a great option for you!

Why would your matchmaking service suit me?

Relationship Realtors understands that the task of finding suitable dates can be agonizing. Instead of wasting time looking for a date and coming up short or exhausting energy on someone who just isn’t the one, let us do the work. We will weed through your dates and only introduce you to those that are a great match for you.

How does becoming a member work?

We have 4 ways to join our service:

1) Free membership.

2) Premium Membership

3) Online Membership

4) Matchmaking Membership

For a description on the 4 memberships click here.

What if I meet someone who I want to focus on for awhile?

You may put your Matchmaking membership on hold for up to 6 months. The Premium and Online membership can be put on hold or canceled at any time.

What can I expect from the complimentary consultation?

The Complimentary Consultation is for those considering signing-up for the Matchmaking Membership. This is a face-to-face interaction, at your convenience, that will allow you the opportunity to ask questions about our services and provide us the opportunity to learn more about you, your personality, expectations, etc. There is not a fee or obligation associated with this consultation.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Relationship Realtors today toll-free at 1-800-746-8339 or locally at 813-527-3649. You can also e-mail us at info@relationshiprealtors.com to discuss your expectations and/or schedule a complimentary consultation.






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