Our Approach

Personalized Matchmaking at your Service

Relationship Realtors caters to a wide variety of individuals looking for someone special; our approach is a personal one. We provide a great alternative to online dating by establish a one-on-one relationship with our clients to help them move closer to finding their future mate. We take pride in providing the personal attention needed to pick the individuals who are best suited for each other.


Unlike dating websites, we do not rely solely on personality tests. We form our own relationships with our clients and their potential dates to validate each one’s authenticity.



Put your best foot forward without being there

The best part is that you won’t have to be there for the first date. We won’t distract you from your busy schedule until we think that a prospect meets your requirements. Our recruiting techniques allow us to read between the lines and get to the core of a prospect’s personality to help eliminate bad dates or unsavory characters. Our understanding of our client’s needs, professionalism, and some old fashioned intuition helps us find the best match for you.


We know that you are finicky about who you date and we will never accept any prospects until they meet with us. We meet with every prospect to verify their identity, overall appearance, and get to know them before they are introduced to our clients.


Are you interested in a long term relationship? Dating websites mostly offer casual or temporary flings. Our personalized services means that you are serious about finding yourself a partner for the long-term. We have a no tolerance policy for dishonesty and will ensure that you meet with a date that is worthy of your time.

Your Privacy is our Priority

Gossip spreads like a wildfire. Fortunately, Relationship Realtors will contain it before it even has the chance to smoke. Matters of the heart are of an intimate nature, which is why we take your privacy very seriously. No one needs to know about your dating life but you. We guarantee it!