Your Efforts aren’t Working

While going to speed dating may save you the time there is not a high success rate at these functions. It’s hard to know what a person is actually like in a three minute conversation. Frequenting other meet up hot spots like bars or clubs will rarely find you the educated, committed, accomplished, honest and of course like-minded person you would look forward to dating on a regular basis. Online dating is not for everyone and has a very low success rate as well. The bottom line is, whatever you are trying just isn’t working for you. You don’t have to try at all with Relationship Realtors on the job.

Busy Life

Your work and career requires your undivided attention. Of course, this means that matters of the heart usually take a backseat to professional priorities. It can be awfully disappointing to spend the small amount of free time you have logged on to a dating website/dating app just to realize you have completely wasted your time.

We know that you choose who you date wisely and this is where our services excel. Each potential match is required to meet with us before they are considered fit to date you. Our face to face interviews allow us to gauge each prospect’s personality according to your specific preferences to provide you with a great match.

Our Personal Service is our forte.

First dates can leave you tongue-tied. The initial nervousness also leaves a lot of things unsaid or make you wish you hadn’t mentioned. You won’t have to worry about making a good first impression to a great prospect when you know what they are like beforehand.  We do not recommend anyone to you until we feel that a prospect will be a good match for you. What you desire in a partner, some old fashioned intuition and expertise allows us to find a great partner for you without wasting your time.


The passion to make it easier for normally busy singles to find each other is what Relationship Realtors strives for. Our goal is to create a bridge to connect good people and eliminate the hopeless feeling of never finding someone special


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